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Grilled Baby Eggplants with Pistachio Pesto August 13, 2008

Posted by Paula Erbay in Sides.

10 – 12 Baby Eggplants
Olive Oil

1 Cup Mint leaves, fresh
½ Cup Pistachio, raw shelled, unsalted
2-3 T Lemon juice, fresh
Lemon, zest from ½
2 Garlic cloves
½ tsp Salt
¼ tsp Pepper, Black
Dash Cayenne Red Pepper
¼ Cup Olive Oil, Extra Virgin
3 T Olive Oil, Extra Virgin – see note

Pistachio Pesto:
This recipe makes more Pistachio Pesto than you need for the Grilled Baby Eggplants. Save the remaining pesto for another use (I like to freeze in a plastic zip bag – it makes a great pizza sauce).

Place mint, pistachio, lemon juice, lemon zest, garlic cloves, olive oil, and seasonings in a food processor. Adjust seasonings to taste. Makes about ¾ – 1 Cup of Pesto. 

NOTE: You can use the Pesto at this consistency. I prefer a “wetter” pesto with the Baby Eggplants. So, at this point mix about half of the pesto with 3 additional tablespoons of olive oil.     

Baby Eggplants:
Cut baby eggplants in half: if very small, cut just enough to open, keeping the two halves attached.

Pour olive oil in a rimmed baking sheet. Place eggplant in pan, turning to coat each piece evenly. Turn cut side up and place under broiler (about 4 inches from heat). Broil for 5 minutes, they should be caramelized and soft – check each minute after 5 so as to not overcook.

Place eggplants on a platter, while still warm spread a little of the Pistachio Pesto on top. Cover for at let rest about 30 minutes.

This recipe is for Bette… read Eggplants for Bette



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